I’m a bit of a frivolous person. I only have three things I have a huge issue with spending too much money on, however:

Lolita fashion.

Art supplies.


In that order of how much I drop on them. I’ve kept myself from buying any lolita since January, so I’m a little proud of that. I am going to be buying a dress…somewhat…soon. Once I save for it. Art supplies I don’t buy often, but when I do buy them, I drop far too much money on them. Way, way too much because I buy a bunch and hope I won’t need any for a year.

Tea. Tea is a big problem for me. Like, a way big problem for me. I like nice, loose leaf tea. I don’t buy from Teavana for a variety of reasons (overpriced, not great selection, GMOs, etc). But I do buy a lot of tea. I have maybe 40 varieties of tea sitting in my cupboard right now. I have a cast iron tea pot, an electric kettle, a 6 cup tea pot, tea warmers, cups and saucers and I just…

I spend too much on tea. I’m trying to make myself not buy anymore tea this year for myself. I want to try and get through most of my tea and only buy replacements of the teas I buy for health reasons (lavender for headaches, chamomile for anxiety, mint and ginger for bad tummy days). The rest I’m trying to just use up and use up completely. Once I do, I’ll allow myself to restore my stock. Also, tea does go bad eventually…Well, not bad. Just stale.

I’ve spent too much on these three things in the past couple of years. I’m hoping to reign this in. I’m going to only spend money on that one dress and the coordinating pieces to make an outfit until October (Rufflecon!). I’m going to buy no more tea, other than what stated. I’m going to buy no more art supplies, except to replace my bristol boards as I go through them.

So hopefully keeping this in mind, being mindful and aware of my obsessions with these things, and really cutting back on these things will help me save more money and clear out more debt.


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