Eat a lot of pasta? There’s a lot you can do with it, but first… Remember to buy it on sale. I know, I know. Pasta’s dirt cheap. Barely more than a dollar for a package, maybe $1 exactly if you buy store brand. But store brand goes on sale. It sure does. For $0.79 a package. Buy as much as you think you can go through in three months or so when it goes this cheap. You’ll be surprised how fast $0.11 adds up in savings.

What can you do with pasta? Lots. Eating it plain is something I do sometimes, if my stomach is feeling particularly unfortunate. Other times I toss it with just some marinara or pasta sauce, or sometimes just with some butter. But are you bored of that? Probably.

-Toss with olive oil, your favorite crumbled or shredded cheese, and a bit of garlic.

-Throw in frozen veggies in the last minute of the cooking process. Broccoli, cauliflower, peas, corn, onions, peppers… whatever you like.

-Add chicken bouillon to the cooking water.

-Alternatively,cook your pasta in chicken broth/stock.

-Diced up ham, salami, turkey, canned tuna, canned chicken are all good additions (probably separately…), especially for protein.

-Fresh or canned mushrooms, olives, or other similar veggies.


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