End of the month recap

Bills paid: Rent – $525, electric- $89, gas/ride- $40, debt- $25, internet – $75, mobile – $67, big credit card -$200, little credit card- $50

Total spent on groceries: $120 at beg. of month, $43 mid-month, $13 yesterday for some fruit. = $176 Ouch.

Savings account – $230 Oooo. That’s exciting.

Wallet – $13 Not exciting.

Goals for April:

$176 is WAY TOO MUCH MONEY to spend on one person in a month. Geez. How the hell did I manage that? I’m hoping to reduce this a LOT for April. I’m making up a meal plan right now and hoping not to deviate from it. Period. I’m going to use my slow cooker a lot (chicken thighs and wings are cheap, and cook up wonderfully in these).

I might have a penalty from the state of Massachusetts coming my way, which might blank out that savings. Something about an issue with my health insurance last year. You know, the fact I didn’t have any. I do have health insurance this year, however, so I shouldn’t have this problem next year. Unfortunate I’m probably going to end up seeing my savings go away, but very fortunate that I have it at all. That’ll help not have to worry about the fee. Since otherwise I would just be scrambling to try and figure out where to make the money come about from.

I need to put aside $20 this Friday for laundry. My building has a co-op and it’s $2 a full load. I have …$2 left of quarters. That’ll get me through this week. But I’ll need to get some more. I have plenty of detergent and fabric softener for the month. I also have all my other cleaning supplies, so that won’t be an issue.

Money for bills in April:

$525 for May’s rent, $30for gas/ride (I took a week off from work to use vacation hours), $25 for small debt, $200 for large credit card, $50 for small credit card, $66 for mobile, $76 for internet, I also have a $11 subscription and a $10 subscription.

I’m hoping to buy my shelves ASAP for the patio and the pots and soil. I have all the seeds I need, the starting mix, and the little windowsill greenhouses already. I’m setting aside $100 for this endeavor (the shelves are $20 each, I’m hoping to buy at least two). The rest will be for pots, soil, and fertilizers/plant foods/stakes, etc.

Can I do it? Maybe. We’ll see, won’t we?


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